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new music

2011-05-02 14:03:17 by zanewolf55

i got a new music program so that i could make music at home Mixcraft 5 it wasn't cheap but any way i'll be posting more songs every so often (on "add in beats2" i might have put too much emphasis on the trumpets {just saying}) so please enjoy cause I'm new to music i mostly mix-to-make but other then that I'm almost an expert at computer hardware

independent study

2011-03-04 14:11:49 by zanewolf55

i now partly no longer go to a regular school i study my self at home ie once a week school though for me its every two weeks.

i know not many people view my channel but if any on passes by here's a question.

Do you know any good music making programs fro the pc? i cant seem to find much for cheap
any response of a program is accepted


2011-01-01 22:37:54 by zanewolf55

so glad to be on break

yay for finals

2010-12-15 00:43:25 by zanewolf55

so happy fro the finals to come i may fail at school but I'm OK at filling in bobbles

yay for finals

i want to beat school up

2010-09-23 23:00:34 by zanewolf55

kill me now, holy crap school gives me a headache cant i just get a year with out school that would be nice thanx
and maybe a girl friend lol

i want to beat school up

very soon i hope

2010-09-02 22:56:15 by zanewolf55

I'm working in tv/film production class and making songs i probably wont make too manny more cause now we're actually stating the first unit but no worries more will come later i hope

very soon i hope

still hoping

2009-04-25 12:51:59 by zanewolf55

I don't know when I'll post but I'm working on some music

posts son hopefuly

2009-04-14 00:40:42 by zanewolf55

for every person who visits info, i will try to get some new song, vids i'm not realy sure about i'm not the one for animation i don't really have the programs to do such but songs I'm hoping to get some posted real soon

posts son hopefuly

I'm new

2009-02-12 19:26:24 by zanewolf55

I'm new and i like pokemon videos and loz videos and music for both